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About us

Welcome to our website. We are Svetlana and Oleg Levshin. We are the owners of the kennel «IS MY LOVE». We live in Russia, in St. Petersburg. We have taken the great interest in dogs since 1990year.Our first dog was a French bulldog. In 2006 we bought two American Staffordshire Terriers, male and female. Show career ACT was very successful. Our dog Faiter Pretty Woman became World Champion in 2011. But we had dreamed about the English bulldog. In 2011, our dream came true, we took Dalvos Alkasar Leonora . Wonderful , funny puppy immediately became our favorite. We were excited by the owner of the kennel «Dalvos Alkasar» Belomyttseva Oksana, extremely bright and charismatic, sincerely loved her pets professional. Our views on the type and breeding of dogs were the same. We are very grateful to Oksana that she helped us to make the first choice, together we took the first steps. She still gives us reliable assistance and support. Besides the world-known international experts and the owners of the kennel «JUBILEE» Mr. Stefan Sinko and Ms. Olga Sinko (Slo) consulted us and gave important advices. We are very grateful to them. Purchase of the first puppy English bulldog was a great joy for our family. In 2012 we had a second female puppy Bulls Of Paradise Jacks Rose Bärbel Witkowski (HU). Now bulldogs are our passion. So we decided to open our own kennel of English bulldogs «IS MY LOVE», which is still small, but we are going to increase the number of our pets. Our goal is breeding healthy English bulldogs, keeping all breed characteristics specified in the standard that would allow us to be competitive in the most prestigious Dog Show. We are extremely impressed by the dogs of known kennels: «MERRIVEEN» Pat Dellar, «KINGROCK» Chris Thomas&G. Godfrey, «Jubilee» Stefan&Olga Sinko , and «ALLDRIDGE» Les&Ellen Cotton for the future. Dogs from these kennels seem to be the ideal bulldogs. And we are going to continue good traditions of mentioned above breeders and blood relations. Sincerely yours, Svetlana and Oleg!